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22. 5. 2024
22. 5. 2024

Glen of the Downs Partial Site Closure

During October 24th – December 31st there will be partial closure of woodland areas

Please do not enter closed areas during works

Closed areas will be identifiable by signs and red and white tape

The closures are to facilitate works of two conservation projects that will be running concurrently.

The first project is the removal of Cherry Laurel from the Oak Woodland. It will involve the movement of vehicles through the woodland, felling of laurel timbers and the use of wood chippers. The purpose of this project is to restore the woodland. Removing this invasive species will in time, allow native trees to reseed, woodland flora to recover.

The second project is for Conservation Works to the Octagon. This will involve the repair of damage, wear and tear to the structure, lime washing and erection of guide rails. The purpose of this project is to halt further deterioration to the building.

The site closure is a necessary precaution to ensure the safety of both workers and visitors.