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South and west of the town of Killarney in Co. Kerry is an expanse of rugged mountainous country. This includes the McGillycuddy’s Reeks, the highest mountain range in Ireland. At the foot of these mountains nestle the world famous lakes of Killarney.

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Welcome to Killarney
National Park

In the southwest of County Kerry is an expanse of rugged, mountainous country that sweeps down to the world-famous Lakes of Killarney. Here, stretching across 10,000 hectares, lies Killarney National Park, with its unforgettable combination of mountains, lakes, woodland and waterfalls.

Killarney National Park incorporates the lakes as well as Kenmare and Muckross Estate, including Bourn Vincent Memorial Park, presented to the State in 1932 as Ireland’s first National Park.

Twinned with Glacier National Park in Montana, USA, Killarney National Park has been designated as a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) for our work in conservation and research. Learn more about the ancient Reenadinna Woods, the heritage sites within the National Park, and our many activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Accessing the Park

Killarney National Park is located in the south west of Ireland in Co. Kerry (beside Killarney town) and can be reached by train, car, and bus. The main access to National Park sites is the N71 road. Please note that driving through the gardens and around heritage sites is not permissible. See how to reach Killarney National Park by clicking the link below.

Google maps

Boundary Map of
Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park Boundary Map


25,425 ac



Location in Co.Kerry

Location in Co.Kerry


  • Lake
  • River
  • N Road
  • Mountain Peak
  • Visitor Centre
  • Park Boundary

The detail on this map is generalised: it is not suitable for hill-walking. The map does not show legal title to property. Cartography ©2009 – ESRI Ireland Ltd and the National Parks & Wildlife Service, Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government. Based on Ordnance Survey Ireland data. Licence No. EN 0059208. © Ordnance Survey Ireland / Government of Ireland.

Boundary Map

Picks of the Park

Indigenous Red Deer Herd

Nature & Conservation

The red deer in Killarney National Park are the last surviving indigenous herd of red deer in Ireland. The Killarney herd has been here since Neolithic times. All other red deer herds in the country are descended from re-introduced stock.


Reenadinna Yew Woodland

nature & Conservation

The Reenadinna Woods is the largest area of yew woodland in Western Europe and is designated as a Special Area of Conservation. Trees within it are estimated to be between 200 and 250 years old.


Killarney Heritage Sites

Heritage & Culture

Killarney National Park is unique in its close proximity to Killarney town. It has many heritage sites including Muckross House and Gardens, Killarney House and Gardens, Ross Castle, Copper Mines, Innisfallen, Muckross Abbey, the Briceen and Old Weir Bridges.

Heritage Gallery

Protect Nature

Protecting nature is the main aim of a National Park. Conservation work goes hand in hand with responsible outdoor recreation and visitors can help play their part by following these useful tips.

Useful Tips

Plan Ahead

Think about the best time to visit and how you’ll travel here, to minimise your environmental impact. Check the weather and make sure you bring everything you need.

Be Considerate

Be aware of how your activities and behaviour can impact nature, the experience of other visitors and those working here. Be mindful of any noise you make and how you interact with others along the way.

Respect Wildlife

Dogs are very welcome but must stay on the lead. If you can, avoid sensitive times for wildlife nesting and breeding.

Travel on Durable Ground

The marked trails let you take in all the best parts of the Killarney wilderness. Only experienced hikers should venture into the hills. Camping is not permitted in the Park.

Leave What You Find

Do take photographs of the landscape and plants, but please leave even the smallest details untouched, so others can enjoy the Killarney wilderness just as you did.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Litter is a huge threat to nature. By bringing your waste home, you help protect the park and its wildlife, and keep Killarney healthy.

Minimise the effect of fire

We can’t allow fires of any kind in our national parks. Fires can cause lasting impacts and devastate plants and animals. Talk to our rangers or Education staff if you need advice.

Heritage & Culture

Reed Deer

Explore Killarney National Park and discover our natural and historic heritage. A great place to start is the Visitor Information Centre located at Killarney House and Gardens which incorporates an interpretative exhibition.

Our native oak and yew woods are of national and international importance and of course our unique native red deer are found at various locations throughout the park.

Give yourself plenty of time to visit the numerous historical sites, from our most popular Muckross House Gardens and Traditional Farms to Muckross Abbey, Ross Castle, Innisfallen and Torc Waterfall.

To contact the Visitor Centre please call +353 1 539 3620

Killarney National Park Visitor Centre at Killarney House & Gardens

Killarney National Park Visitor Centre is located in Killarney House and Gardens. Our guides will be happy to provide information about the National Park, places of interest, walks and hiking, and activities. The interactive exhibition (of 15 rooms) in Killarney House is a must-see, with information on the National Park, flora, fauna, history and biodiversity. The Interactive Exhibition is free.

Explore the interpretive exhibition about Killarney National Park. Take in the beauty of the Gardens. The Gateway to Killarney National Park leads you to discover more about this beautiful landscape and our work to protect it.


Killarney House & Gardens
Killarney National Park,
Muckross Road,
Killarney, V93 HE3C


52.056831, -9.508254


+353 1 539 3620


Muckross Information Kiosk Muckross House & Gardens Information Kiosk

An information kiosk operates out of the car park at Muckross House and Gardens. Here, visitors can find information and suggestions on how to enjoy their visit to Killarney National Park and Muckross House and Gardens.

Staff are happy to help with your queries and an Info Hut operates on the grounds during the summer months.

Vehicle access to Muckross House and Gardens is via a well-signposted right turn off the N71, just over 6km south of Killarney town.


064 6670144




Ross Castle Exhibition

There is an interpretive exhibition in the grounds of Ross Castle, which gives information on the castle and history of the area.

See information on the renovation and history of Ross Castle in the exhibition room to the left of the reception desk. Entry is free.


064 6635851




Killarney National Park

There is 24 hour pedestrian access to Killarney National Park throughout the year with the exception of access to gardens at both Killarney House and Muckross House. These are open daily but hours vary.

Killarney House & Gardens


9:15am – 5:15pm

Closed at lunchtime from 1.00pm to 2.00pm

Last entry to the exhibition is 5:00PM


8:00am – 6:00pm

Seasonal hours may vary

Events run all year in the National Park. We update our website, Facebook and Twitter pages regularly with event news.

News & Notices

Also check Facebook and Twitter for updates on planned roadworks that affect the National Park. For info on day-to-day issues like flooding, contact Ranger Base.


064 6635215

Join in the Park Run on Saturday mornings at Killarney House.

For further information or to register see the Park Run Website.

Park Run Website

Parking within the National Park is free. The main car parks are listed below.

Muckross Car Park

Muckross House and Gardens has several car parks including a large car park located near Muckross School House suitable for larger vehicles like camper vans. Access is between 8:00AM and 9:00PM. Overnight camping and parking is not permitted.

Ross Castle Car Park

Ross Castle has two car parks and is open 24/7. Overnight camping is not permitted.

Muckross Abbey Car Park

Muckross Abbey has two parking areas accessible 24/7, one on the left of the N71 opposite the National Park entrance to the Abbey, and a second with limited spaces opposite the Muckross Park Hotel.

Killarney House and Gardens

Killarney House and Gardens is located in Killarney National Park on the boundaries of Killarney town. There is no on-site car parking but there are plenty of public car parking facilities nearby.

Public Parking

The Beech Road Public Car Park is ideal for visitors to Killarney House and Gardens and the Demesne with a side entrance from Beech Road/Mission Road into the National Park. For visitors to Deenagh Lodge, the Demesne and Knockreer, use on-street parking on Port Road opposite St. Mary’s Cathedral.

There are also some smaller car parks located throughout the National Park that are close to attractions, trails and pathways. You will find more information on the site pages. Some sites have limited parking spaces so we encourage visitors to use the larger car parks when possible, especially during busy times, and leave small car parks at sites like Torc Waterfall for visitors with limited mobility or access difficulties.

The recreational use of Drones is not permitted within the grounds of Killarney National Park. Drones affect wildlife, in particular nesting birds. They also impact on our visitors experience due to noise pollution and are an invasion of privacy.

Permits are required in Killarney National Park for all commercial and organised activities or events including:

  • fundraising walks, runs or cycles
  • orienteering
  • jaunting cars
  • pony trekking
  • canoeing/kayaking
  • filming
  • commercial photography

Apply for a canoe or kayak permit

No private boating permits are currently available. To inquire about being added to the waiting list, or for any other permit queries, please contact the Regional Manager, Killarney National Park, or the General Manager, Killarney House and Gardens.

regional manager:

+353 64 6635215

Killarney National Park covers an area of over 26,000 acres incorporating lakes, woodlands, waterfalls, buildings and natural heritage. Within this huge area you will find many visitor facilities which include parking, toilets, restaurants, cafés, gift shop, sweet shop, family facilities, first aid, etc.

There are toilet facilities at various locations in the National Park:

Killarney National Park Visitor Centre

Toilet facilities located on the ground floor include a unisex, wheelchair-accessible WC suitable for people with disabilities and mobility issues. Baby changing is also available.


9:15AM – 5:15PM

Muckross House and Gardens

Toilets, including disabled toilet and baby changing facilities, are available in Muckross House and Garden restaurant. Public toilets are on the grounds to the left of the entrance road into the main car parking area.


10:00am – 6:00pm
Check locally for further details.

Ross Castle

Toilets are located on the far side of the castle near the café kiosk. Signage at the castle directs you along the path via the café/kiosk. Access is via a set of old concrete steps. Toilets are open year round but with varying seasonal times.

Torc Waterfall

Toilets are located a short distance from the lower car park. Please note the walk is uphill and seasonal opening hours apply.

Other Options

Privately-run toilet facilities are available at additional sites, subject to seasonal opening times, including at Lord Brandon’s Cottage, Dinis Cottage and Deenagh Lodge.

From restaurants to kiosks there are plenty of options for meals and snacks at the National Park. Visitors may picnic in the National Park but we ask that you Leave No Trace. BBQs and campfires are not allowed in the National Park or gardens.

Muckross House Garden Restaurant

Two minutes from Muckross House, adjacent to the main car parks and entrance road. Open 7 days a week.

Muckross House Garden Restaurant

Deenagh Lodge

A thatched cottage built in 1834, inside the National Park gates opposite St. Mary’s Cathedral on Port Road. A small café run by Downs Syndrome Ireland is a great location to grab something to eat while enjoying the scenery.

deenagh lodge facebook

Ross Castle Kiosk

Private kiosk selling drinks, ice creams and light snacks. It also has a sit down picnic area for customer use only.

Ross Castle Garden Café

Dinis Cottage

On Dinis Island via the N71, 7km outside Killarney town. The cottage dates to the 1700s and is ideal for those following the Muckross Loop walk. Tea room serves light snacks and cakes. Its windows feature names that were carved into the glass using diamonds, some dating to the mid 1800s.

dinis cottage facebook

Lord Brandon’s Cottage

At the southern end of the Gap of Dunloe, not far from the Black Valley. A wonderful open air café.

Lord brandon’s cottage facebook

The craft shop at Muckross House stocks gifts, jewellery and clothing from Mucros Weavers, Muckross Pottery and Muckross Bookbinding. The sweet shop at the Traditional Farms has a variety of gifts and sweets.

Muckross House and Gardens:

The craft shop is on the right of the entrance and car park.

Muckross Traditional Farms:

The sweet and gift shop is in the entrance building.

Family facilities located throughout Killarney National Park include play areas and baby changing facilities.

Baby Changing Facilities

Find baby changing facilities on the ground floor of the Visitor Centre, at Muckross House Garden restaurant and in the public toilets at Muckross House car park.

Play areas

Access the National Park’s inclusive playground via the entrance on the Port Road and through the gates, opposite St Mary’s Cathedral. There are toilet facilities on site.

The Woodland Playground is located in the grounds of Muckross Traditional Farms and is accessible to visitors visiting the Traditional Farms. Please note there is an entrance fee to Muckross Traditional Farms.


First Aid facilities, including an AED (defibrillator), are available at Killarney National Park Visitor Centre and Muckross House and Gardens. Emergency services can be alerted from these locations. Contact emergency numbers 999 or 112.

News & Notices

Muckross 60th Celebrations

14 June 2024

FRIDAY JUNE 14TH IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY Muckross House, Gardens & Traditional Farms as they celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of Muckross House to visitors on June 14th 1964. The late Yvonne Quill was a trailblazer in her beloved Killarney town. Yvonne was the first person to enter Muckross House on the
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Muckross House 60th Anniversary Celebrations

11 June 2024

Final preparations are under way this week, a special day to mark the occasion is being organised by National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the Board of Trustees of Muckross House, Killarney on this Friday 14th June. Staff at NPWS, Muckross House and Trustees will host several exhibitions, walks and guided tours in the
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Excitement in Killarney following first breeding of guess who? The Great Spotted Woodpecker

5 June 2024

In recent weeks, staff and visitors at Killarney National Park have been entertained by the iconic sound of unexpected visitors – the Great Spotted Woodpecker. A breeding pair was confirmed for the first time to have produced a small number of chicks in the Park. The chicks are becoming more and more vocal each day
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