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15. 7. 2024
15. 7. 2024

McShain Memorial Day at Innisfallen Island

Members of the McShain family, Rick Horstmann, left and John McShain Bracken, on Innisfallen Island, Lough Lein, Killarney National Park, unveiling a plaque in honour of John and Mary McShain, their daughter Sr Pauline and all the McShain family, in recognition for their philanthropic generosity gifting Innisfallen Island and the 7th Century Historical Abbey on Lough Lein to the nation in 1972. John McShain sold Killarney House and its estate to the Irish State for a nominal sum in 1979 on the assumption the land would be incorporated into Killarney National Park.

‘The Man who built Washington’ John McShain was born in Philadelphia in 1896. His company became the leading builders in America, responsible for the construction of the most iconic structures in the world – The Pentagon, John F. Kennedy Centre, Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Library, Washington National Airport and of course the reconstruction of the White House (1949-1952).

Image of McShain Family unveiling plaque at Innisfallen Island.
Members of the McShain family, John McShain Bracken, left, Rick Horstmann, Polly Bell McShane, Alice McLoughlin, Dan Kelleher, Former Superintentent Killarney National Park, Danny O’Keeffe, Regional Manager NPWS, and Minister Malcolm Noonan and guests on Innisfallen Island, Lough Lein, Killarney National Park.
Image of Monastery on Innisfallen Island with McShain Plaque
The plaque inscriptions reads “Innisfallen Island was donated to the Irish State in 1972 by the McShain Family of Killarney and Philadelphia, U.S.A. Remember with gratitude the generosity of John and Mary McShain and their daughter Sr, Pauline Mary McShain, S.H.C.J.
A generous person will prosper, whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. (Proverbs 11.25)”