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22. 5. 2024
22. 5. 2024

Summer Lectures with Wicklow Mountains National Park


Thurs 6th: St. Kevin’s Way: from Origins to Present Day
with Eleanor Sutherland
Learn about this ancient pilgrim path. Explore the story of its history, ecology of habitats found along it, and its rediscovery and restoration.
Thurs 13th: Amphibians of Wicklow, Old and New
with Collie Ennis
Wicklow’s wonderful amphibians are waiting to be discovered. Come and learn about our native frogs and newts, along with some non-native arrivals.
Wed 19th: The Pilot Liffey Head Bog Project
with Dr. Shane Regan
Take a look at the restoration of Liffey Head Bog. Discover its challenges and triumphs and how it can inform future bogland restoration projects.
Thurs 27th: What can Bat Poop tell us?
with Gwenaelle Hurpy
Bat poop contains many secrets… not least of which is the story of the bats that made them! UCD’s Gwenaelle Hurpy uncovers the world of bats, their diet and their secret lives.


Thurs 3rd: Water Quality and Biodiversity Pressures of Ireland’s Freshwaters
with Professor Mary Kelly-Quinn
Explore Wicklow’s beautiful freshwater habitats and biodiversity. Learn about threats to water quality and what we can do to protect the freshwater resources we depend on.
Thurs 10th: Ponds for Wildlife Conservation and Climate Action
with Aoife O’Rourke
Discover the true power of the pond! Find out how you can create, manage and monitor a pond to help wildlife and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
Wed 16th: Recent UCD Archaeological Excavations at Glendalough
with Professor Graeme Warren
Come and take a fascinating look into the archaeological digs at Glendalough and their implications for our understanding of the valley’s history.
Thurs 24th: The Otter in Ireland and how to be an Otter Spotter!
with Dr. Ferdia Marnell
Learn how to recognise the tracks and signs of otters. Find out about Ireland’s national otter survey and how you can help gather data on one of Ireland’s most elusive animals!
Summer Lectures