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4. 10. 2023
Glenveagh 15°C Cloudy
Burren 20°C Rain showers
Connemara 19°C Cloudy
Killarney 19°C Fog / Mist
Wicklow 17°C Fog / Mist
Wild Nephin 16°C Cloudy
4. 10. 2023

European Day of Parks

On May 24th we will be celebrating European Day of Parks with a mindfulness themed walk in the Nephin Forest. Our day starts off at 10am at the car park at the Letterkeen Trailhead, from where we will start our 5km hike. We will take our mindfulness journey, reconnecting with the natural world on the route. We will take time to listen, touch, feel, smell and taste as we awaken our senses and take time to celebrate our time in nature. There will be a break during the 5km hike for those who wish to join in with some gentle accessible yoga that will be offered by an experienced yoga practitioner.

After completing the 5km there will be a time to rest at the bothy, before taking a stroll along Vary’s Loop (2.5km), starting at 12.30, where we will take time to discuss the rich history of the surrounding Nephin Begs Mountains & Valleys.