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22. 5. 2024
22. 5. 2024

For the Birds

Conservation Ranger Sam Bayley will be providing information and regular video features on his work as a Conservation Ranger with Killarney National Park.   One of the main roles of the Ranger is to monitor wildlife within Killarney National Park.

Sam’s particular focus is on birds, through observation and other methods such as bird ringing.  Speaking about his work “Bird Ringing helps us to study particular individuals within the populations, so we can learn about their movements, habitats and how long they live.  A series of measurements  such as wing length, weight, ageing and sexing are key factors for us us to record.”

Bird Ringing requires lots of training and licensing in the use of nets to catch the birds in ensuring their welfare.

The first Video is Entitled For the Birds! For the Birds Video (Facebook)